Wakeskate Weekend 15. - 17. Sep

the Bricks Rumors - just wakeskating

As you might know, our roots are in wakeskating. We did our first wakeskate event almost 12 years ago. And now we think it's time to do something for wakeskating again. So, what is the Bricks Rumors? It's no contest – it's just a wakeskate happening! We wanna bring the scene back together and just ride as much as we can. And that's pretty much it.


Everything will happen around our cable two. We will completely block the whole area. So there will be a cable for the whole weekend for wakeskaters only! Also we will build a special wakeskate setup there, with lots of curbs, rails and ollie barriers. If you take a break of wakeskating you can hit the miniramp with your skateboard or hang out at your van or tent right on the shore line and watch the others wakeskating.


If you are stoked as we are, join the action and register now!


Sorry we

are sold



Any questions? Text us: hello@thebricksrumors.com



12am Arrival

1pm - 8pm Wakeskating



8am - 10am Breakfast

9am - 8pm Wakeskating



8am - 10am Breakfast

9am - 5pm Wakeskating